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I qualified as a CTA in 1990, and 34 years later I am still loving TA, theory, practice and being a member of the international TA community, in which I and my colleagues in YTCi are actively involved.

TA training is a relational process with the goal of personal and professional development and transformation. This approach is reflected in the articles I have written and posted on this website -
articles .

TA training can lead to a professional qualification as a Certified Transaction Analyst. (CTA). Since the onset of the covid pandemic we have been impressed by how effective online training, supervision coaching and psychotherapy is. Therefore we have created this website with the focus on our online work.
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Dave Spenceley TSTA - February 2024
Psychotherapy with Dave Spenceley TSTA -

>> New online group commencing in September

>> New in-person group meeting in Bucharest - commencing in September

TA psychotherapy - Healing the hurts of the past to live freely in the present - see the articles for several articles describing how Dave works as a psychotherapist using Transactional Analysis. articles page. Dave runs a groups: one meeting in person in Bucharest and anpther meeting online.

Dave offers psychotehrapy in person and online for individuals and couples.
TA 101 Course
Introduction to TA

>> Online - October 4 / 5

>>In Person - September 13 / 14

Discover how TA can be transformational for your personal and professional lives and how TA makes sense of who we are in relation to ourselves - others and the world arround us.

While being a two day introduction to the core concepts of TA, the 101 course is also the entry gate for all TA training programmes.
TA Foundation Course

>> Commencing October

Learning how to understand and apply TA in your professional and personal lives.

The TA foundation has 16 modules, over a two years period. , covering the core TA concepts.

The group is a closed group, and you can join at any of the modules with a commitment to staying in the group to complete at least one year of training.

Advanced TA training

Professional TA applicaitons and personal development. The group is process orientated and provides space for personal and professional reflection, supervision and exploration within a safe and supportive group.

The group can be used to prepare to qualify as a CTA in your chosen field of applicaiton.

CTA Exam Preparation

Preparing for the written and oral CTA examination within a supportive and encouraging group.

CTA exam prep groups are only for those who are focussed on completing their CTA examinations.
TEW Preparation

We have staffed many TEW workshops over the last 20 plus years.

The TEW is an intensive 3 day training workshop, which includes assessment of your process, as well as your readiness to commence TA training and supervision.

TSTA Preparation

Dave and Uta have worked for EATA as examiners, and as exam supervisors, organising CTA and TSTA examinations in many venues.

We are available to run small groups and indivdual supervisions for those preparing for their TSTA examinations.

Coaching and leadeship with Uta Höhl TSTA

TA coaching - is a systemic approach to professional and leadership development and conflict resolution based on the principles of Transactional Analysis. Uta runs an online supervision and training group for those interesting in using TA within their professional lives and to prepare for qualification in the TA counselling field of application.

TA was developed by Eric Berne and his colleagues in the 1960's, and TA theory and practice continues to evolve and is now used throughout the world, in psychotherapy, coaching, counselling, leadership, consultancy, organisational and educational settings.

At YTCi we focus on psychotherapy, and within the counselling field of TA for TA coaching and leadership development.

See Dave's intorduction to "TA 101 notes" - The notes are available alongside other articles prepared by Dave for the TA training programme:
Articles page